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Conference USA (established in 1995) is an intercollegiate athletic conference. The current members are based in the Southern United States.

Meaning and history

Conference USA Logo history

2001 – 2012

Conference USA Logo-2001
The initial logo for Conference USA was created in 2001 and stayed for almost a decade. Even though after the redesign of 2012, it wasn’t changed much. The badge featured a stylized “C USA” nameplate in a custom italicized sans-serif typeface with “C” in blue and “USA” in red. The two parts of the wordmark were separated by a stylized light gray four-pointed star, which had its left line elongated and sharpened. All elements of the logo were outlined in black and looked stable and bright on a white background.

2013 – Today

Conference USA LogoIn the logo, you can see the blue letter “C” followed by the word “USA” in red. Between the two parts of the emblem, there is a gray star. The star has an asymmetrical shape with an elongated end, which makes it possible for the symbol to serve as a hyphen.

What is Conference USA?
Conference USA is the name of the sports conference, which was established in the United States in 1995 for athletic programs from the Universities of the Southern states of the USA to compete in various sports disciplines, including Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Volleyball, Tennis, and many more.