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The Brampton Beast are the first Canadian team in the CHL, founded when the junior league team left Brampton, Ontario, for another city making room for a new franchise.

Meaning and history

Brampton Beast Logo history

Being a young ice hockey team, the Beasts do not have an array of logos unlike the majority of other franchises. Their present logo has been the club’s only identity since the year of their foundation.

brampton beast hockey club logo

2015 — 2019

Brampton Beast Logo 2014

At the beginning of 2015 the franchise announced “Name the Team” contest. There were two finalists, and in the last battle “Brampton Beast” beat out “Brampton Bandits”.

The logo unveiled a bit later that year was the embodiment of the vicious character of the name. It features a fearsome looking saber-toothed beast that resembles a large wolf. It is holding a hockey stick in its paws with huge claws.

Underneath there is a white wordmark “Brampton BEAST” against a black background.

The concept lying behind the logo was “Cool, Fun and Powerful”. Besides, there was an intention to characterize the team as “powerful, growing, aggressive and hungry for the future”.

All the team official colors are represented in the logo ‒ silver (the beast), red (the beast’s tongue), white and black.

2019 — Today

Brampton Beast logo
The Brampton Beast logo was redesigned again in 2019. The new concept is built around a portrait of the beast, placed on a circular badge in red and black with gray and white details. The lettering is now set along with the frame of the badge and is executed in a bold modern sans-serif typeface with massive shapes of the letters and their tails sharpened. As for the beast, it looks pretty much the same as in the previous version but has its paws with claws looking dangerous.