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Mercyhurst University which is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, has 14 varsity teams, including both men’s and women’s teams competing in the NCAA Division II. The teams are members of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference for all sports except ice hockey and water polo.

Meaning and history

Mercyhurst Lakers logo history

2000 – 2008

Mercyhurst Lakers Logo-2000

The Mercyhurst Lakers logo adopted in 2000 featured a large dark green “M” with complex white and green trim. On the forefront, the lettering “Mercyhurst” was placed.

2009 – Today

Mercyhurst Lakers Logo

The 2009 emblem looks utterly different. Although it also sports dark green, and in this way, is similar to its predecessor, the shade is somewhat different. It is primarily a typographic logo dominated by the lettering “Mercyhurst Lakers.” The Mercyhurst Lakers logo looks dynamic due to the fact that the line goes slightly up.

Mercyhurst Lakers ice hockey

Mercyhurst Lakers ice hockey logo

The men’s ice hockey team of Mercyhurst University belongs to Atlantic Hockey, while the women’s team belongs to College Hockey America. The women’s team became the NCAA Division I National finalist in 2009.

Mercyhurst Lakers lacrosse

Mercyhurst Lakers lacrosse logo

The Men’s lacrosse team boasts the National championship in the 2011 NCAA Division II Tournament. They became the national finalists in the NCAA Division II Tournaments in 2007 and 2013.