Utica Comets Logo

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Utica Comets Logo

The logo used by the ice hockey team Utica Comets is a striking combination of a sports logo and an emblem that could have been used for a space mission.

Meaning and History logo

Utica Comets Logo history

The Utica Comets were founded in 1932 as the Quebec Beavers. Today, the team is the AHL affiliate of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks. The Utica Comets logo, though, doesn’t show this link and is a completely independent emblem.

The logo features a hockey puck flying at high speed. The pluck leaves a “tail” behind it that makes it look like a comet.


Color Utica Comets Logo

The palette seems to fit the design itself perfectly. The sky is blue, with silver and white stars, while the outline is green.