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Cocomelon is the name of a YouTube Channel with content for toddlers and kids. The channel was created in 2006 under the name ThatsMEonTV and by today it has grown into one of the largest and most popular sources of nursery rhymes, with more than 120 million subscribers from all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Cocomelon Logo history

Cocomelon became incredibly popular among kids and their parents from different countries due to its animated music videos that last about three minutes. The videos are aimed at the 0+ age audience, and their main character is a little boy named J.J., as well as his family and friends in kindergarten and animals. Tiny explores the world around him, the culture of his country, and learns how to perform everyday tasks while setting a positive example for young viewers.

The educational channel for kids, Cocomelon, has been renamed twice since the date of its establishment, so the visual identity has also been redesigned twice. What unites all three versions is a bright and intense color palette, which is e than logical for the channel of such orientation.

What is the Cocomelon logo?
The Cocomelon logo features a funny cartoonish image of a watermelon in a square shape, with the pink tv-screen smiling face. The emblem is complemented by a ladybug and two antennas and has colorful bold lettering in the custom sans-serif font written under it.

2006 – 2013

Cocomelon Logo 2006

The original logo of the YouTube channel was created when its name was ThatsMEonTV. It was a funny alien kid holding the tv-contoured frame, enclosing his face, and sitting on the enlarged rounded “TV” written in yellow and outlined in purple. The image was covered by the arched “ThatsMEon” in the same rounded sans-serif, in a yellow-green and blue color palette, with a purple outline. The whole badge was enclosed into a thin circular purple frame.

2013 – 2018

Cocomelon Logo 2013

The redesign of 2013 happened after the channel name was changed to ABCkidTV.  It was a derivative from the previous logo version, but with the new logotype and the graphical elements rethought and refined. The new badge had a sky-blue background, where the purple television in a red frame was drawn. Two hands and two purple antennas were coming out of the frame. A fancy three-dimensional image of a ladybug was set in the upper left corner of the composition. As for the logotype, it was written over the purple tv screen, in bold rounded sans-serif letters, using such colors as green, pink, yellow, blue, and orange.

2018 – Today

Cocomelon Logo

The Cocomelon name was introduced in 2018 along with the new logo of the channel. The TV was now stylized as a watermelon with a smiley pink face. The ladybug was standing on the upper left corner of the fruit, and the antennas were now coming out of the watermelon, being drawn in purple and sky-blue. As for the lettering, the version, created in 2018 doesn’t have any at all.

Why is Cocomelon called Cocomelon?
Initially, the channel, created in 2006, was called ABCkidTV, but soon enough it was changed to Cocomelon, which according to the channel’s founders sounds more fun and cool, and is easily memorable for kids.

Is there a story behind Cocomelon?
The popular YouTube channel for kids was created in 2006 by a couple from California, who started making short funny videos for kids as a hobby. Later, the content of the couple was noticed by Jay Jeon, a founder of Treasure Studio, who saw a huge potential in what the channel does and did his best to make it popular.

Is Cocomelon Russian?
No, Cocomelon is a British YouTube channel, with all the content in English. However, online you can find some of the Cocomelon videos in Russian translation, but it doesn’t mean, that the channel itself is Russian.