UMBC Retrievers Logo

UMBC Retrievers Logo

The athletic logo of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, was inspired by the nickname of the school’s teams and their mascot.

Meaning and history

UMBC Retrievers Logo history

The primary UMBC Retrievers logo features a dog that belongs to the breed known as the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Above the dog’s head, you can see an arched “UMBC” lettering.

While the structure of the previous logo was totally the same (the retriever and the arched “UMBC”), the emblem looked differently. To begin with, the color scheme was different. On the old logo, the letters were gold, while the dog was black with gold highlights. On the current emblem, the dog is brown with black highlights, while the letters are white.

Also, the retriever on the current UMBC Retrievers logo is facing to the left, while his predecessor was facing to the right.

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UMBC Retrievers baseball

UMBC Retrievers baseball logo

The Dawgs, which is the team’s alternative nickname, compete in the NCAA’s Division I. Coached by Liam Bowen, they hold their home games at the on-campus Baseball Factory Field at UMBC. They have made three NCAA Tournament appearances.


UMBC Retrievers emblem

As of 2019, the men’s team of the University of Maryland has played in the NCAA Tournament only twice (2008, 2018). The women’s team has had their only NCAA Tournament appearance in 2007.