Siena Saints Logo

Siena Saints Logo

Since at least 1994, the main character of the Siena Saints logo has been a dog of a breed known as the St. Bernard.

Meaning and history

Siena Saints Logo history

The Siena Saints (formerly the Siena Indians) is the name of the athletic program at Siena College, which is located in Loudonville, New York. The program is composed of 18 teams playing in a variety of sports, including basketball, baseball, cross country, lacrosse, and others. The football team was discontinued.

The current logo features the side view of a dog leaping from behind the lettering “Siena.” The dog is brown and white, which are the normal colors for any dog of the St. Bernard breed. This is a breed of a very large working dog originating from the western Alps in Italy and Switzerland.

The old logo, which was introduced in 1994 and used through 2000, also featured the same dog. Yet, here, you could only see its muzzle. On the background, there was a large “S” in dark green and gold, while above the dog’s head, the lettering “Siena” could be seen.

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Siena Saints Logo

Due to the fact that the main character on the Siena Saints logo is the St. Bernard dog, the palette is dominated by brown and white. And yet, the official color scheme of the college is comprised of gold and green.