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IFR Aspid is an automotive company established by Ignacio Fernández Rojo. Owned and directed by Rojo, this marque is best known for its innovative sports cars. Primarily operating out of Spain, IFR Aspid has made notable strides in the automotive market, drawing attention with its performance-driven designs.

Meaning and history

IFR Aspid Logo history

Founded by Ignacio Fernández Rojo, IFR Aspid is an emblem of innovative automotive engineering from Spain. Since its inception, the company has been at the forefront of crafting performance-oriented sports cars, often receiving acclaim for their unique designs and advanced technology. Over the years, IFR Aspid’s achievements have positioned it as a notable name in the luxury sports car market. Currently, the company continues to thrive, focusing on expanding its reach and enhancing its lineup with even more refined vehicles.

What is IFR Aspid?
IFR Aspid is a Spanish automotive company, recognized for its performance-driven sports cars. Founded by Ignacio Fernández Rojo, it emphasizes innovation in its designs.

2003 – 2008

IFR Aspid Logo 2003

The red, which is seen in the flag of Spain, gives the logo a bold touch. It is used for a circle that features the founder’s initials, IFR, printed using a cursive, sans-serif font of a white color and all lowercase characters. The round emblem was accompanied by a black inscription also done using all lowercase letters. It was positioned on the right and said “Automotive”. The designers used a basic font that closely resembles NeueHaasGrotDispRound 75B but with a rectangular dot above the “i” instead of a round.

2008 – now

IFR Aspid Logo

The founder’s name initials were gone and now the logo had “Aspid” printed on a round emblem. The latter featured a bright and daring yellow and orange gradient that could be associated with the most magnificent star – the sun. The round emblem also had a thin white outline that was followed by a wider metallic gray one, which added a modern touch to the emblem. A snake head outline with an open mouth, sharp teeth, and long tongue created a visual representation of the company’s name, which is the name of a family of venom snakes. The image took about two-thirds of the emblem with an inscription at the bottom. The latter presents a very unique and captivating italicized font with sharp, pointed serifs that can be associated with the snake’s teeth and tongue.