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Emerging from the defense sector’s crucible, ChangFeng Motors transitioned into civilian terrain, born from the strategic vision of China Changfeng Group. Hailing from Hunan’s industrious landscape, the company initially carved out its niche with rugged off-road machinery. With time, it broadened its canvas, painting a diverse portfolio of passenger vehicles. ChangFeng Motors harnesses its heritage of durable design to forge vehicles that blend economy with reliability, making mobility accessible.

Meaning and history

No.7319 Factory, launched in 1950, laid the groundwork for ChangFeng Motors’ establishment. By 1988, the enterprise was manufacturing SUVs, under a license for Beijing BJ2020 models. In 1996, Changfeng Auto Manufacturing emerged, shedding its military origins and initiating Mitsubishi vehicle production, including the Pajero, under the Lièbào and later, Leopaard brands.

Ownership evolved, with GAC Group gaining control in 2012 post-Mitsubishi’s share sale. Changfeng’s plants, located in Yangzi, Anhui, and Hunan, primarily produced light trucks, serving state needs and exporting since 2006.

After GAC’s takeover, ChangFeng Motors left the Shanghai stock exchange on March 20, 2012. ChangFeng Group then re-entered the vehicle market, setting a new headquarters and creating Hunan Liebao Automobile Co. Ltd to handle Leopaard’s production and sales.

What is ChangFeng Motors?
ChangFeng Motors, nestled in China’s automotive landscape, emerged from the China Changfeng Group, primarily a defense contractor. It transitioned into civilian markets, focusing initially on rugged off-road vehicles and eventually expanding into passenger cars, embodying a fusion of military-grade toughness and consumer-friendly designs.


ChangFeng Logo

The emblem presents a vivid red hue, within which sits a central triangle featuring circular cutouts, all encased in an oval border. This minimalist yet bold design conveys innovation and agility, with the circles suggesting wheels in motion—a nod to the automotive nature of the brand. The use of red symbolizes energy and passion, while the geometric clarity of the shapes imparts a sense of precision and technological advancement.

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