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Central Connecticut Blue Devils are the name of an athletic program from the Central Connecticut State University, which was established in 1849 in New Britain. The program is composed of men’s and women’s teams, which compete in various sports disciplines, including its football team, playing in the first division of the NCAA.

Meaning and history

Central Connecticut Blue Devils Logo history

The most successful team of the Central Connecticut Blue Devils program is the men’s football club, which plays in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and is also a member of the Northeast Conference. The program has nine women’s teams and seven men’s.

What are Central Connecticut Blue Devils?

Central Connecticut Blue Devils are the collegiate athletic program of Central Connecticut State University, which consists of 16 women’s and men’s teams, competing in various sports disciplines, including Football, Soccer, Track, and Field (both indoor and outdoor), and others.

As for the visual identity, the sports teams of the Central Connecticut State University have been very loyal to a blue color palette, which travels from badge to badge, throughout the years. Another element that is present on each version of the program’s badges, is an image of a devil. It changes style, shape, and size, but always stays with the Central Connecticut Blue Devils.

1994 – 2010

Central Connecticut Blue Devils Logo 1994

The Central Connecticut Blue Devils logo, designed in 1994, featured a caricature of the devil running to the right with a black long trident in his hands. The devil, drawn in two shades of blue with some white stripes on his t-shirt, was wearing sneakers and a sports uniform, with his horns looking like a helmet. Although the devil is not the kindest and purest symbol at all, the one from the Blue Devils badge looked very friendly and cool.

As for the lettering part of the badge, it was set under the graphical image in three lines. The upper line featured an enlarged “Blue Devils” in an extra-bold sans-serif typeface, with intense blue letters in a double white and black outline. The logotype was underlined by two black levels with the “Central Connecticut State University” inscription in wide bold sans-serif.

2011 – Today

Central Connecticut Blue Devils Logo

The redesign of 2011 completely changed the style and structure of the Blue Devils badge, creating a horizontally stretched blue banner with the profile of the devil on its right side. The lettering is also set in three lines, as on the previous version, but this time in white and light gray letters, which are executed in a fancy custom italicized typeface with some unique sharp details on the corners of the letters. The blue badge with gray elements has only one thing bright — the white enlarged “Central” inscription.