Washington State Cougars Logo


Washington State Cougars LogoThe athletic program of Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, comprises around 15 varsity teams, including nine women’s sports and six men’s.

Meaning and history

Washington State Cougars Logo history

While abstract logos are often rather attractive because of their clean and light structure, they often lack the meaning. Very often, you need an explanation to understand what the design represents and in what way it is connected with the organization it represents.

The Washington State Cougars logo is a nice example of a logo that is abstract and at the same time meaningful. On the one hand, it is rather clean, you cannot say there is much clutter. On the other hand, you can easily understand it features the head of the cougar, and this is the way it is connected with the nickname of the university’s teams. The lines and strokes forming the picture create a dynamic and somewhat edgy or even aggressive feel, all of which is good for an athletic emblem.

The old Washington State University Cougars logo (164-1975) slightly erred on the abstract side, while its predecessors (1953-1963), on the contrary, appeared too cluttered.

Some of the most competitive teams within the Washington State Cougars athletic program are their basketball, baseball, and football teams.

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