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The athletic program of Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, comprises around 15 varsity teams, including nine women’s sports and six men’s.

Meaning and history

Washington State Cougars Logo history

Washington State Cougars, established as the athletic arm of Washington State University, traces its origins to a rich and storied past. The inception of this athletic division marked a new era in the university’s commitment to sports excellence. The Cougars, since their establishment, have not just been about sports; they’ve been a unifying emblem for students, alumni, and sports enthusiasts alike, intertwining athletic achievement with academic vigor.

At the heart of their storied journey lie notable triumphs across key sports – particularly their acclaimed performances in football, their strides in basketball, and their impressive showings in baseball. These accomplishments have catapulted the Cougars into the limelight, earning them not just accolades but also a revered place in the collegiate sports world. The evolution of their legacy has seen them nurture numerous athletes who’ve gone on to shine on national and international stages. As of today, the Washington State Cougars continue to uphold their legacy of sporting distinction. They remain formidable contenders in various sports, upholding the ethos of perseverance and excellence that has come to define their identity.

What are Washington State Cougars?
Washington State Cougars is the name of a college football club from the Washington State University. Today the club, established at the end of the 19th century, and coached by Nick Rolovich, plays in NCAA Division I.

1953 – 1955

Washington State Cougars Logo-1953
The very first logo for Washington State Cougars featured a bright and slightly naive image of a yellow cougar on a yellow rugby ball. The wild cat looked dangerous with its mouth open, and the pose as it it was ready to jump and attack. There was no lettering or framing on this version, and it only stayed with the club for a couple of years.

1956 – 1963

Washington State Cougars Logo-1956
After the redesign of 1956, no lettering was added either. But the logo was redrawn and simplified. The new emblem featured only an image of the cougar’s head is white with black lines and contours. The cat had its mouth open and you could see its red tongue. This white, red and black color palette was a good representation of power, determination, and professionalism.

1964 – 1975

Washington State Cougars Logo-1964
In 1964 the Washington State Cougars logo was changed again. The new emblem featured a modern stylized image of the cougar’s head turned in profile to the left. It was executed in thick solid elements of a dark burgundy color, and looked contemporary and strong, with the sharp fangs and smooth lines of the cat’s head.

1995 – Today

Washington State Cougars Logo

While abstract logos are often rather attractive because of their clean and light structure, they often lack the meaning. Very often, you need an explanation to understand what the design represents and in what way it is connected with the organization it represents.

The Washington State Cougars logo is a nice example of a logo that is abstract and at the same time meaningful. On the one hand, it is rather clean, you cannot say there is much clutter. On the other hand, you can easily understand it features the head of the cougar, and this is the way it is connected with the nickname of the university’s teams. The lines and strokes forming the picture create a dynamic and somewhat edgy or even aggressive feel, all of which is good for an athletic emblem.

Washington State Cougars Colors

HEX COLOR: #981E32
RGB: (152, 30, 50)
CMYK: (0,80,67,40)

RGB: (94, 106, 113)
CMYK: (17,6,0,56)