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The history of the athletic teams representing the United States Military Academy has preserved at least five logotypes.

Meaning and history

Army Black Knights Logo history

The Army Black Knights represent the athletic teams for the United States Military Academy, more commonly known as West Point. Established in 1890, these teams carry a rich history, symbolizing the values and traditions of the Academy. The Army Black Knights have made significant contributions to college sports, particularly in football. Their football team has a storied rivalry with the Navy, epitomized in the annual Army-Navy Game, a cornerstone of college football traditions. This rivalry has not only captivated audiences for decades but also embodies the camaraderie and competitive spirit of the United States Armed Forces.

Throughout their history, the Army Black Knights have achieved several milestones. Their football team has won three national championships, and their men’s basketball and lacrosse teams have also been noted for strong performances in NCAA tournaments. The athletic program at West Point is about more than just winning games; it’s about building leaders. This approach has fostered a unique spirit among the Black Knights, where emphasis is placed as much on character and leadership as on athletic prowess.

As of today, the Army Black Knights continue to be a significant presence in NCAA sports. Their continued emphasis on leadership, academic excellence, and athletic competitiveness keeps them in a position of respect and admiration within the collegiate sports community. The Black Knights remain an embodiment of the values and traditions of the United States Military Academy, serving as a source of pride and inspiration for cadets, alumni, and fans alike.

What is Army Black Knights?
The Army Black Knights are the athletic teams of the United States Military Academy at West Point. They compete in NCAA Division I sports, with a rich history in football, basketball, and lacrosse, among others. The Black Knights represent not just athletic excellence but also the values and leadership qualities of the military academy.

1946 – 1974

Army Black Knights Logo-1946

The oldest Army Black Knights logo was a pretty intricate one. In fact, it was the coat of arms of the U.S. Military Academy, which was also used as a logo. You could see a shield broken into two fields: a blue field on the top with white and red stripes below. On the forefront, there was a gold helmet. Above the helmet, an eagle with its wings spread could be seen.

1974 – 2000

Army Black Knights Logo-1974

In 1974, the coat of arms was replaced by a slab serif “A” in yellow. On the forefront, a black stallion could be seen.

2000 – 2006

Army Black Knights Logo-2000

In spite of its retro feel, this logo survived for over 25 years before eventually a completely new one was developed in 2000. This time, the knight theme was by far more pronounced. You could actually see the upper part of the body of a knight as well as the head of his horse. Below, the lettering “Army Black Knights” in two lines could be seen. In 2006, an emblem with a knight facing forward was introduced.

2006 – 2015

Army Black Knights Logo-2006
The redesign of 2006 introduced a redrawn Army Black Knight logo, keeping the color palette of the previous version. The Knight was holding a sword in his hand and had his cloak waving to the right. The sword was crossing the upper part of an enlarged letter “A” in a custom typeface with sharp detail in the upper left corner. The letters were drawn in black and boasted a thick triple outline of white, beige, and black. It was a beautiful and memorable logo, which stayed with the club for almost nine years.

2015 – Today

Army Black Knights Logo

Eventually, in 2015, the current Army Black Knights logo was unveiled. It is more minimalistic, easier to remember and reproduce.

Army Black Knights football

Army Black Knights

The history of Army football started in 1890. The team had the status of the national champions in 1944, 1945, and 1946. It is one of six FBS schools whose football teams compete as independent (they do not belong to any conference).


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