Army Black Knights Logo

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Army Black Knights Logo
The history of the athletic teams representing the United States Military Academy has preserved at least five logotypes.

Meaning and history

Army Black Knights Logo history

The oldest Army Black Knights logo was a pretty intricate one. In fact, it was the coat of arms of the U.S. Military Academy, which was also used as a logo. You could see a shield broken into two fields: a blue field on the top with white and red stripes below. On the forefront, there was a gold helmet. Above the helmet, an eagle with its wings spread could be seen.
In 1974, the coat of arms was replaced by a slab serif “A” in yellow. On the forefront, a black stallion could be seen.
In spite of its retro feel, this logo survived for over 25 years before eventually a completely new one was developed in 2000. This time, the knight theme was by far more pronounced. You could actually see the upper part of the body of a knight as well as the head of his horse. Below, the lettering “Army Black Knights” in two lines could be seen. In 2006, an emblem with a knight facing forward was introduced.
Eventually, in 2015, the current Army Black Knights logo was unveiled. It is more minimalistic, easier to remember and reproduce.

Army Black Knights football

Army Black Knights
The history of Army football started in 1890. The team had the status of the national champions in 1944, 1945, and 1946. It is one of six FBS schools whose football teams compete as independent (they do not belong to any conference).