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Tennessee Martin Skyhawks is the collegiate athletic program from the University of Tennessee at Martin. The program is composed of 17 men’s and women’s teams in various sports disciplines and is managed by Kurt McGuffin.

Meaning and history

Tennessee Martin Skyhawks Logo history

2003 – 2008

Tennessee-Martin Skyhawks Logo-2003
The Tennessee Martin Skyhawks badge, created in 2003, stayed with the club for five years and featured a very bright orange and blue badge with the graphical emblem placed under the stylized wordmark banner. The emblem boasted a stylized image of the hawk head in a pilot helmet with googles. The bird looked powerful and dangerous, reflecting the character of the team and its willingness to win. As for the lettering, it was set in the uppercase and executed in a custom smooth and narrow font with the lines of some letters elongated and sharpened. The white “UT Martin” was set above the fancy “Skyhawks” inscription in an extra-bold sans-serif typeface.

2009 – Today

Tennessee-Martin Skyhawks Logo

The current Tennessee-Martin Skyhawks logo, which was introduced in 2009, features a unique character, an anthropomorphized hawk who is also a pilot. Due to the way its muzzle is depicted, the sharp angles and smooth curves, the emblem has a dynamic feel. The italicized type on the top only reinforces the overall impression.

What is Tennessee Martin Skyhawks?
Tennessee Martin Skyhawks is the name of the sports program, established in the University of Tennessee at Martin. Today the program has various teams, both men’s and women’s, in such sports as Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, and many others, with the men’s basketball club as the most famous one.