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Brammo, Inc. is a company known for its electric vehicle technology, including electric motorcycles and automotive drivetrains. Founded by Craig Bramscher, a former Hollywood film executive and entrepreneur, Brammo started its journey with the aim of creating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly transportation solutions. The company’s headquarters are located in Talent, Oregon, USA, where it spearheads its operations. Over time, Brammo has expanded its reach and now operates in multiple regions, providing electric vehicle technology across various sectors.

Meaning and history

Founded in 2002, Brammo has made significant strides in the field of electric transportation. One of its notable achievements was the introduction of the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle, which gained widespread recognition for its design and performance. The company further solidified its position in the market with the launch of the Empulse, an electric motorcycle that boasted higher speeds and greater range than its predecessors. These innovations have placed Brammo at the forefront of electric vehicle technology.

Currently, Brammo continues to innovate and evolve in the electric vehicle sector. It remains dedicated to developing advanced electric drivetrains and energy storage systems. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, Brammo is committed to shaping the future of transportation, leveraging its expertise to create more eco-friendly and high-performance electric vehicles. The company’s current position reflects its ongoing dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility in the automotive industry.


Brammo Logo

The logo presented is a bold, stylized representation of the name “BRAMMO” in uppercase letters. The design is minimalist and modern, featuring a symmetrical emblem above the wordmark. The emblem consists of two mirrored elements split vertically down the middle. The lightning bolt may also symbolize power and speed, attributes commonly associated with motorcycles. The font used for the company’s name is clean and sans-serif, suggesting modernity and sophistication. The color palette is monochromatic, with the emblem and text in black, emphasizing strength and clarity, set against a plain white background which offers a stark contrast and enhances visibility.