Capri Sun Logo

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Capri Sun Logo
Capri Sun is a Swiss brand of a beverage, which was created in 1969 and today is being distributed across the globe. The label, owned by Rudolph Wild Ltd, is well-known and recognizable worldwide.

Meaning and history

Capri Sun Logo history

The Capri Sun visual identity is laconic and clean, yet bright and memorable. The first brand’s logo was designed in 1969 and it set the basement for all the following versions, including the one we all know today.
The Capri Sun logo is an arched wordmark executed in a bold sans-serif typeface. The white letters have a double outline of two shades of blue. The two-toned framing adds freshness and volume to the nameplate, creating a light and happy feeling.
Capri Sun Logo
The white, blue and a lighter blue color combination of the Capri Sun logo makes the product look perfect for a hot summer day, as well as shows the company as a reliable one.
The simplicity of the Capri Sun logo only makes it timeless and adds elegance to the brand. The company’s visual identity is friendly and bright, the smooth lines and color of the letters resemble ice cubes, which are melting under the sun.