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Rich Logo

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Eye-catching and energetic, the logo of the Russian juice brand Rich also conveys the “natural” idea, which is essential for the product’s sales.

Meaning and history

Rich Logo history


Rich logo old
Their old logo uses the name wordmark written in black, and the same thing written in smaller white letters inside a red oval. The oval is directly above the wordmark. The font used in both is a basic serif with slightly abrupt corners.


Rich is one of the core brands of the Russian company CSJC Multon. The company was established in 1995. In 2005, Multon joined the Coca-Cola System. Ever since it has represented the juice business of Coca-Cola Corporation in Russia

Rich Logo


The Rich logo consists of the wordmark inside a red shape.

The wordmark features a classic type with a unique touch. The proportions and overall shape of the letters are traditional. You can see elegantly rounded serifs and a combination of slightly bolder and lighter strokes. The oval above the “i” is one of the distinctive features. Another one is the soft curve on the diagonal “leg” of the “R.” It conveys the “natural” theme in a subtle way.

Rich Emblem

This theme is supported by the red leaf shape, into which the writing is placed. However, the leaf, which has become a cliché for “natural” in logo design, is not too obvious in the Rich logo – the visual metaphor would have been more obvious (and generic) if the color had been green.

The leaf is slightly tilted to create an upward, positive dynamics.