Can-Am Logo

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Can-Am is a Canadian brand of Bombardier motorcycle manufacturing subdivision. It was established in 1971 and licensed in 1983. The production of motorbikes under the Can-Am brand was paused from 1987 to 2006.

Meaning and history

Can Am logo

The Can-Am visual identity is bold and masculine. Drawn in black with gray details, it looks powerful and brutal. The logo is composed of a wordmark with a decoration on its right.

The inscription in all the lowercase lettering is executed in an extra-bold sans-serif typeface, which is slightly italicized, to create a sense of speed and movement.

The curved upper lines of “N” and “M” make the wordmark look unique and dynamic, while the strict “C” adds strength and confidence.

Can Am emblem

The Can-Am emblem is a black circle with a silver-gray gear inside and the “BRP” inscription in thin sans-serif, also italicized. Showing its mother brand, the emblem is a ref elation of a brand’s authority and courage.

The Can-Am logo is simple and not overloaded. The thick lines of the nameplate and a solid and intense emblem balance a leach other, showing the endurance and enthusiasm of the company, as well as its expertise in design.