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Picasso Automotive, founded in Switzerland by Stefano Picasso and Robert Wild, crafts high-performance supercars. With a focus on lightweight design using carbon fiber, the 660 LMS features a 3.0 Twin-Turbo V6 engine, offering 660 CV and exceptional aerodynamics. This supercar combines Swiss precision, aesthetic appeal, and advanced technology, reflecting the company’s ethos of blending racing dynamics with everyday usability.

Meaning and history

Picasso Automotive, founded in 2020, is a Swiss company creating high-performance supercars. Stefano, originally a designer of racing boats, developed expertise in composite materials and aerodynamics, which later fueled his passion for automotive design. Meeting entrepreneur Wild, the two established Picasso Automotive with a vision to build record-breaking cars that marry aesthetics, performance, and driving pleasure.

Their flagship creation, the 660 LMS, is a testament to this vision. Entirely designed and assembled in Switzerland, it emphasizes a lightweight, carbon-fiber-intensive construction.

With an ethos focused on Swiss precision, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable practices, Picasso Automotive aims to participate in GT2 championships and endurances races, reinforcing their commitment to merging the worlds of racing and high-performance road cars. The company’s growth is marked by its dedication to innovation, quality, and the creation of exclusive, limited-edition supercars that reflect their racing spirit and advanced engineering prowess.

What is Picasso?
Inaugurated in 2020 by visionaries Stefano Picasso and Robert Wild, Picasso Automotive is Switzerland’s answer to the quest for automotive excellence with a flair for exclusivity. Renowned for harnessing the prowess of carbon fiber and aerodynamic finesse, the enterprise fuses the essence of motorsport vigor with the pragmatism of street-legal vehicles, culminating in bespoke supercars such as the revered 660 LMS.

2020 – Today

Picasso logo

The logo features a stylized “V” with a road-like extension, converging into the bold, capitalized name “PICASSO AUTOMOTIVE.” The design suggests speed and a road veering into the distance, embodying the company’s focus on automotive progress and performance. The use of black and white colors denotes sophistication and elegance, while the sharp angles and sleek lines reflect modernity and cutting-edge technology. The font choice is modern and clean, emphasizing clarity and precision, qualities synonymous with the brand’s identity in the supercar industry.

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