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Bushmills is the iconic Irish brand of the oldest whisky distillery in the world. Founded in 1608 by Sir Thomas Phillips, it was acquired by Diageo in 2005 for £200 million.

In 2008 the Bank of Ireland launched banknotes with the Old Bushmills Distillery image, honoring the brand’s heritage.

Meaning and history

Bushmills logo

The Bushmills logo is a wordmark on a black background enclosed in a gold frame with a ribbon pattern.

The wordmark is executed in a white bold serif, which reflects the brand’s quality and rich history, yet has a modern look.

The Bushmills label also features an embossing of both the 1608 original distillation license and the signature image of the famous Old Bushmills Distillery potstill, which tells the brand’s story and emphasizes the authenticity of Bushmills Single Malts.