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Bundaberg Fermented Drinks, originating in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, are a range of uniquely crafted non-alco beverages. Created by the Fleming family in 1960, they sought to offer distinct flavors through natural fermentation. Key to their identity is the signature ginger beer, renowned for its rich, spicy taste. These drinks, often featuring local ingredients, cater to those seeking artisanal, flavorful alternatives to conventional sodas, embodying a fusion of tradition and modern tastes.

Meaning and history

Bundaberg Fermented Drinks, an Australian icon, was born in 1960 in Bundaberg, Queensland. The Fleming family, visionaries in crafting fermented beverages, initiated this journey. Their flagship product, the distinct Bundaberg Ginger Beer, became a symbol of their dedication to quality and flavor. Utilizing locally sourced ingredients and traditional brewing methods, they expanded their range, introducing flavors like root beer and lemon lime & bitters.

Over the years, their commitment to artisanal methods and natural ingredients has earned them global recognition. Bundaberg’s essence lies in blending the legacy of fermentation with contemporary tastes, making it a staple for those who cherish authentic, flavorful drinks.

What is Bundaberg Fermented Drinks?
Bundaberg Fermented Drinks is an Australian gem, renowned for its masterfully brewed, non-alco beverages. Originating from the quaint town of Bundaberg, Queensland, this family-run business has carved a niche in the drinks industry with its signature ginger beer and an array of other uniquely flavored fermented drinks, celebrating a legacy of taste and craftsmanship.


Bundaberg Fermented Drinks logo

The logo features an elegant, ornate script that flows with a classic feel, spelling “Bundaberg”. Its flourishes suggest a heritage of craftsmanship. “Brewed to be Better” sits proudly beneath, encapsulating the brand’s commitment to quality. The entire design is anchored by two large, looping curlicues, giving it a balanced and distinguished appearance. The color palette is a rich brown, evoking the natural ingredients and earthy tones of the brand’s signature beverages.

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