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While the Illy logo has gone through several profound updates during its more than 85-year history, the red-and-white palette and casual touch have been creating a visual link between almost all the versions.

Meaning and history

Illy Logo history


Illy Logo-1933

The familiar red-and-white color scheme could already be seen on the brand’s original logo. The design featured a thin red ring with white and red filling. The white field housed a crown, while the red field featured the lettering “Illy Caffee Permanente Freschezza.”

The word “Illy” was given in an elegant type. It was inspired by handwriting, although the letters were not connected with each other.

The trademark was developed by Xanti Schawinsky, a graphic designer and collaborator of the Boggeri studio. Around the same period, Schawinsky was developing the Olivetti logo. We should point out, though, that Illy’s first poster designed by Schawinsky featured a different wordmark, with more intricate letters.


Illy Logo-1966

A new, simpler design was created by Carlo Magnani. The ring theme was separated from the wordmark. The logo now featured two rings with short horizontal bars, which represented two espresso cups (with handles) seen from above.

The wordmark in white was placed inside a red box. The white crown was positioned above the name of the chain.

This version had an apparent legibility problem, as the initial “I” could have been easily mistaken for a different letter.


Illy Logo-1985

The legibility issue grew slightly milder because the lettering became larger. Although deciphering the initial “I” still presented a problem.


The espresso cup design returned, while the wordmark grew simpler and better legible.


Illy Logo

James Rosenquist, a master of the pop art movement, painted a new poster, from which the current Illy logo was taken.