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Espolòn is a distinguished tequila brand, rooted in the heartland of Jalisco, Mexico. Currently, it crafts premium tequilas using 100% Blue Weber agave, ensuring authentic flavors. Celebrated for its deep ties to Mexican culture, its labels depict historical tales. Presently owned by the global spirits heavyweight, Campari Group, since 2008, Espolòn has expanded its reach internationally. Key markets include North America and parts of Europe, with a growing presence in Asia. Today, it’s not just a beverage, but an embodiment of Mexican pride and craftsmanship on the global stage.

Meaning and history

Espolòn is a celebrated name in the world of tequila, drawing inspiration from Mexico’s rich history and culture. The brand’s story unfolds in the late 1990s when it was established in Arandas, a region in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, known for its ideal agave-growing conditions.

The name “Espolòn” refers to the spur of the rooster, a symbol of national pride and a nod to the fight for independence in Mexico. The brand’s labels uniquely illustrate pivotal moments in Mexican history, accentuating its deep connection to the country’s heritage.

Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza was instrumental in shaping Espolòn’s identity. His dedication to traditional methods, combined with innovative techniques, resulted in a tequila recognized for its pure agave taste and velvety feel. Oropeza’s vision was to craft a tequila that resonated with the spirit of Mexico, and Espolòn certainly echoed that sentiment.

Ownership dynamics shifted when, in 2008, Campari Group, a major player in the global spirits industry, acquired the brand. Under Campari’s leadership, Espolòn underwent a rebranding process in 2010. This included refining the tequila’s image and expanding its distribution, catapulting Espolòn onto the international stage. The modern iteration of its packaging, still deeply rooted in historical narratives, further bolstered its appeal.

While the ownership landscape changed, the essence of Espolòn – its commitment to traditional production methods – remained intact. The tequila continues to be produced using 100% Blue Weber agave and is crafted via the age-old pot still distillation method.

Today, Espolòn stands as a testament to the passion of its founders, the skill of its distillers, and the rich tapestry of Mexican history. Its trajectory, from a local tequila brand to an international sensation, mirrors the indomitable spirit of the nation it so proudly represents.


Espolon Logo

The brand’s visual representation is truly distinctive and thought-provoking. In line with the tequila’s name, translating to “spur,” the emblem features a memorable depiction of a skeleton astride a rooster. This imagery resonates deeply with the locals, especially due to its ties to the Day of the Dead, an immensely cherished celebration in Mexico.

The rooster stands as a beacon of freedom and draws one back to the era of Mexico’s ardent battles against Spanish colonization. This period is etched in the hearts and minds of the Mexican populace. Through this symbolism, the tequila encapsulates Mexico’s vibrant essence, its rich history, and the spirited ambiance that the nation proudly showcases.

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