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The franchise that is currently known by the name of the Jacksonville IceMen has had a long and full of events history including ownership changes, name changes and relocations. The predecessors of this ice hockey team were the Muskegon Fury (1992-2008), the Muskegon Lumberjacks (2008- 2010) and the Evansville IceMen (2010- 2016). At present the club resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

Meaning and history

Jacksonville IceMen Logo history

1992 — 1997

Jacksonville Icemen Logo 1992
The team, which today is known as Jacksonville Icemen, was established as Fury, and its two first logos were based on the original name. The initial Fury emblem featured an emerald green background, repeating the shape of the triangle pointing down, but executed in a thick line, resembling a hurricane swirl. The black bold lettering was set diagonally over the green element and had an enlarged image of the hockey puck, also in black, placed under it.

1997 — 2007

Jacksonville Icemen Logo 1997
In 1997 the club gets a mascot — a funny angry figure in turquoise and purple, which also resembles a hurricane swirl. The wordmark was now drawn in purple with a turquoise shadow and placed under the emblem, with a thin white banner and black “Muskegon” tagline placed over the last letters.

2008 — 2009

Jacksonville Icemen Logo 2008
The first logo with the word “IceMen” appeared in 2008 when the new name was unveiled. It features a fierce looking Yeti-like creature that looks as if it is going to tear you to bits. Just look at the broken hockey stick. No wonder the logo was replaced in a year, yet by something that looks no less scary ‒ a man with bared teeth and angry eyes raising his hockey stick at somebody. It was adopted, though.

2008 — 2010

Jacksonville Icemen Logo 20082
In 2008 the name of the team was changed to Muskegon Lumberjacks, and the logo was changed again. The new concept included an image of a bearded man with an ax stylized as a hockey stick. The man was placed above the narrowed and stylish lettering, where the “Lumberjacks” part was enlarged and written in white letters under the beige “Muskegon”.

2009 — 2011

Jacksonville Icemen Logo 2009
Two seasons later the IceMen altered their logo ‒ the man in it looks like a forward player in action.

2011 — 2016

Jacksonville Icemen Logo 2011
The redesign of 2011 refined the Icemen badge and made it more modern and strong. The color palette was simplified and the shade of blue, used for the logo became softer and colder. The lettering was now set diagonally over the bottom part of the circular emblem.

2017 — Today

Jacksonville Icemen logo

The last redesign was in 2017 due to the team’s relocation to Jacksonville. Evidently, they didn’t want to change the identity that was so familiar to fans, so only the city name was replaced in the wordmark.
The team color scheme includes navy blue, sky blue and white. They also use black and gray in their logo.
Jacksonville IceMen Logo