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North Charleston, South Carolina, is the place where the South Carolina Stingrays have been playing their home games since 1993. The name for the team “Stingrays” was chosen as a tribute to the fauna of the area as stingrays are common inhabitants of South Carolina’s coastal waters.

Meaning and history

South Carolina Stingrays Logo history

Over the years of the team’s existence their logo has evolved from a realistic, then a cartoonish representation of a stingray to a modern stylized version.

1993 — 1999

South Carolina Stingrays Logo 1993

The first logo features a white blue-tailed stingray holding a hockey stick. The map of South Carolina in red is in the background indicating the Stingrays’ location. For an even greater identity there is the wordmark “South Carolina” below.

1999 — 2007

South Carolina Stingrays Logo 1999

The cartoon-like wicked stingray biting through a hockey stick replaced the previous logo in 1999. All the club’s official colors are represented in this version ‒ red, navy blue, silver/ grey and white.

2007 — Today

South Carolina Stingrays logo

The current mark seems to be the best version of the three. The stingray in red, blue and white is placed on a red and white shield outlined in blue and grey. “South Carolina” is in white simple font, while the stylized “STINGTRAYS” appears in grey and white and is also outlined in blue and grey.

south carolina stingrays hockey logo