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The University of Dayton (Dayton, Ohio) sponsors over 15 teams, all of which participate at the NCAA Division I level.

Meaning and history

Dayton Flyers Logo history

1995 – 2013

Dayton Flyers Logo-1995

The old Dayton Flyers logo adopted in 1995 featured the full name of the program in red. The logo looked dynamic, which was partly due to the diagonal strokes formed by the extended ends of the letters “N” and “R.” In fact, the strokes were supposed to symbolize flags.

Also, the logo had a positive feel due to the fact that the line was going up. The shape of the letters was somewhat heavy, though. While you could make out the words both at a smaller and larger size, still the lettering was not perfectly legible as the glyphs seemed to have been squeezed into the line with difficulty.


Dayton Flyers Logo-2014

A modified Dayton Flyers logo was unveiled in 2014, which was almost 20 years after the previous update. According to the university’s spokesmen, the process of developing the new brand identity took a year and a half.

Now, the emblem featured the large letter “D” with a single wing on the left side, which also looked like a flag. The letter was given in the typeface called Vitesse. Interestingly, the word “vitesse” in French means “speed” – and that is exactly the feeling one gets looking at the emblem. The wing only emphasizes the effect.

The design was made by the agency 160over90, also known for the Atlantic 10 logo. In addition to this, the team consulted with Nike while working on the logo. As Darryl Cilli, the chief creative officer for the agency explained, the inspiration behind the emblem included aeronautic brands and pro sports team symbols. Also, they were inspired by the history of Dayton as the birthplace of flight.

2015 – Today

Dayton Flyers Logo

A year later, the team unveiled an updated logo where the wing became red. It received mixed reviews.

Dayton Flyers basketball

Dayton Flyers basketball logo

A member of the Atlantic 10 Conference, the Dayton Flyers basketball team plays its home games at Woerner Field. The head coach is Jayson King. As of 2019, the team has had 15 Major League Baseball Draft selections.

Dayton Flyers football

Dayton Flyers football logo

The team played its first official game in 1905. Coached by Rick Chamberlin, it now plays its home games at the Welcome Stadium and is a member of Pioneer Football League. The university’s football team has won two national championships and has played in the NCAA Division III National Championship Game five times.

Dayton Flyers soccer

Dayton Flyers soccer logo

The team traces its history to 1956. It is a member of the Atlantic 10 Conference. Its home arena is Baujan Field. Dennis Currier is the head coach. As of 2019, the team has competed in four NCAA tournaments.