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Established in 1896, the Big Ten Conference is known as the country’s oldest Division I collegiate athletic conference. While initially there were 10 members (hence the name), the current conference consists of 14 member institutions.

Meaning and history

Big Ten Conference Logo history

1990 – 2011

Big Ten Conference Logo-1990
The logo, designed for the Big Ten Conference in 1990, featured a very interesting minimalist badge in dark blue and white. It was a text-based composition of an uppercase “Big Ten” inscription on the upper line, written in a thick geometric and slightly narrowed sans-serif typeface, and set above the “Conference” in a smaller size with its letters extended. Both lines were drawn in the same color. As for the most eye-catching element of the Conference’s visual identity, it was a white “11”, set on the sides of the letter “T”, in “BigTen”.

2012 – Today

Big Ten Conference Logo

While there are only three glyphs in the current Big Ten Conference logo, the last two of them carry a double meaning. On the one hand, they represent the “I” and “G” in the word “Big.” On the other hand, they are the “1” and “0” forming the second part of the name of the conference. The similarity between the “I” and “1” and between the “G” and “O” make it possible to create such a structure.

What is Big Ten Conference?
Big Ten Conference is the name of the sports conference, which was established in the United States in 1897 for athletic teams from various American Universities to compete in various sports disciplines, such as Softball, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, and many more.