Bradenton Marauders Logo

Bradenton Marauders LogoBradenton Marauders Logo PNG

While the Bradenton Marauders logo echoes the brand identity of their parent team, it still looks unique and instantly recognizable.

Meaning and history

Bradenton Marauders Logo history

The history of the franchise can be traced to 1957. The Marauders currently have the status of the Class A-Advanced affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates and are part of the Florida State League.

Primary symbol

Bradenton Marauders Symbol

A bearded pirate can be seen under the name of the team featuring a combination of a unique script font and classic serif type. The pirate is wearing a black hat and red bandana.

Alternative emblems

Bradenton Marauders emblem

In 2012, the team for the first time used the symbol sporting two crossed bats behind a skull with an eye patch.


Bradenton Marauders Logo

While the official palette includes only black, gold, and white, in fact, the Bradenton Marauders logo also features red and beige, which were necessary to make the emblem more realistic. The official colors mirror those of the parent team’s logo.