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Conceived by the innovative spirit of Robert Bollinger, the pioneering enterprise known as Bollinger Motors has carved out its niche within the heart of Michigan’s storied automotive landscape. This venture distinguishes itself by forging electric vehicles that are not just vehicles of transport but robust companions for the demanding conditions of off-the-beaten-path adventures. There’s a deliberate intention in every model’s blueprint to intertwine the muscular prowess of a traditional off-roader with the sustainability and clean energy of electric motors.

Meaning and history

Bollinger Motors, established in 2015 in New York, signifies a pioneering leap in electric vehicle innovation. Initially a small startup, the company relocated to Detroit, Michigan, tapping into the heartland of America’s automotive industry. Their mission: to blend rugged off-road capabilities with eco-friendly electric technology. The company first made waves with the B1, a fully electric SUV, followed by the B2, an electric pickup truck. Both models showcase robust design and versatile functionality, catering to both commercial and personal use. Bollinger’s journey is marked by a commitment to sustainability and a passion for redefining the automotive landscape.

This venture highlights a shift towards integrating renewable energy sources in traditional vehicle designs, aiming to revolutionize the automotive sector with an eye on environmental responsibility.

What is Bollinger Motors?
Birthed from the ambitious mind of Robert Bollinger, Bollinger Motors emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of electric vehicular design. Nestled in Michigan’s innovation hub, this company is celebrated for sculpting sturdy, all-electric machines that harmonize environmental stewardship with formidable functionality. Vehicles such as the B1 SUV and B2 pickup truck, conceptual masterpieces of Bollinger Motors, are redefining the narrative of eco-conscious travel.


Bollinger Logo

The logo presents a two of bold, black chevrons, resembling a pathway or energy surge, ascending towards the right. The name “BOLLINGER MOTORS” anchors the design in a no-nonsense, all-caps typeface, exuding strength. This stark, monochrome emblem conveys motion, progress, and the electric essence of the company it represents.

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