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The logo of the athletic teams representing the Boise State University has been updated at least three times over the last half a century.

Meaning and history

Boise State Broncos Logo history

The Boise State Broncos, an athletic division representing Boise State University, were established alongside the university’s inception. The program has grown significantly since its early days, evolving into a prominent competitor in collegiate sports. Boise State University, founded in 1932, initially focused on junior college-level education, but it has since expanded into a major university offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. This growth is mirrored in the athletic department, which has garnered considerable attention and success over the years.

One of the main achievements of the Boise State Broncos is their remarkable performance in football, where they have consistently been one of the top teams in the NCAA. They are well-known for their distinctive blue turf football field, nicknamed “The Blue,” which has become a symbol of their unique identity. The Broncos have won multiple conference championships and have made several appearances in major bowl games, highlighting their status as a formidable force in college football. Additionally, their basketball, track and field, and other sports teams have also achieved significant success, contributing to the overall prestige of the program.

Currently, the Boise State Broncos maintain a strong position in collegiate athletics. They are a part of the Mountain West Conference, competing at the highest level of college sports in the NCAA Division I. Their continued emphasis on athletic excellence, along with academic achievements, positions them as a well-rounded and respected entity in the world of college sports. Their ongoing commitment to excellence both on and off the field ensures that the Boise State Broncos remain a significant and influential presence in NCAA athletics.

What is the Boise State Broncos?
The Boise State Broncos is the athletic division of Boise State University, known for its excellence in NCAA Division I sports, particularly football. With a history of success and a strong current standing, they continue to be a prominent figure in collegiate athletics.

1957 – 1965

Boise State Broncos Logo 1957
Their first emblem was a black circle with a white core. On it, they drew a head (plus the neck) of a horse, in black-and-white. The club’s name of ‘Boise Junior College Broncos’ was drawn in white along the black edges of the emblem.

1965 – 1969

Boise State Broncos Logo 1965
In 1965, the logo was slightly redrawn, which primarily affected the word ‘Bronco’ – now in commas and with slimmer letters. The word ‘Junior’ was also replaced with ‘State’.

1969 – 1974

Boise State Broncos Logo 1969
By 1969, they decided to fill the emblem with proper colors and chose blue and orange. The word ‘Broncos’ returned to the original look. The word ‘College’ was discarded.

1974 – 1983

Boise State Broncos Logo 1974
The 1974 emblem is just the letters ‘BJU’, drawn diagonally in an acronym. The colors were blue, orange & blue respectively. The font was a sort of smooth sans-serif with few nuances. Moreover, letters were lowercase and tilted.

1983 – 2002

Boise State Broncos Logo 1983
One of the older logos featured a prancing stallion. On the background, there was a map of the state of Idaho. The letters “BSJ” could be seen in the bottom right corner. The design was used as the Boise State Broncos logo in 1974-2001.

2002 – 2012

Boise State Broncos Logo-2002

In 2002, the Boise State Broncos introduced a different logo. This time, you could see only the head of the horse. This approach gave the designer a chance to make the expression of the horse’s muzzle more visible and apparent. As a result, the emblem looked more emotional and menacing than its predecessor.

2012 – 2013

Boise State Broncos Logo 2012
The color scheme became a bit darker and brighter for this season.

2013 – Today

Boise State Broncos Logo

The subtle update that took place in 2012 resulted in a clearer and more minimalistic logo as the lettering “Boise State” was removed.

Boise State Broncos football

Boise State Broncos

The university’s football team plays in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision as a member of the Mountain West Conference. Their home arena is Albertsons Stadium.

Boise State Broncos basketball

Boise State Broncos emblem

The men’s and women’s basketball teams compete in the Mountain West Conference. Their home games take place at ExtraMile Arena.

Boise State Broncos Colors

HEX COLOR: #D64309;
RGB: (214, 67, 9)
CMYK: (0, 75, 95, 0)

HEX COLOR: #0033A0;
RGB: (0, 51, 160)
CMYK: (100, 66, 0, 2)

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