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BlaVod, recognized for its distinctive black vodka, stands out in the spirits market with its unique hue derived from herb catechu. While its core product is vodka, the company has expanded its portfolio to offer other spirits. Mainly targeting premium segments in Europe and North America, BlaVod has garnered attention for its avant-garde appeal. The company is a subsidiary of Distil PLC, which oversees its strategic direction and growth. With innovation at its core, BlaVod continues to intrigue and attract the modern-day consumer, blending tradition with an edge of contemporary flair.

Meaning and history

BlaVod, known for its signature black vodka, has a history as intriguing as its color. Launched in the late 1990s, BlaVod redefined the vodka landscape with its inky hue, derived from the herb catechu. This not only gave it a unique appearance but also a subtle, smooth taste, distinguishing it in a competitive market.

Initially, the brand was introduced under Blackwood Distillers Holdings, and it quickly gained traction in upscale bars and nightclubs, particularly in the UK and US. Its mysterious allure and marketing campaigns highlighting the vodka’s distinctiveness played a crucial role in its growing popularity.

In the early 2000s, the ownership underwent changes. Distil PLC (formerly known as Blavod Wines and Spirits PLC) acquired Blackwood Distillers, bringing BlaVod under its wing. This acquisition was strategic, as Distil aimed to expand its portfolio with unique brands, and BlaVod fit the bill perfectly.

Under Distil’s management, BlaVod experienced rebranding and repackaging, emphasizing its premium quality and the essence of its black color. This move reinforced its position in the premium segment and catered to a clientele looking for novelty.

Production, too, saw some evolution. While maintaining the essence of the original recipe, efforts were made to improve its production processes and sourcing. By collaborating with established distilleries and using high-quality ingredients, the brand ensured a consistent taste and quality.

Over the years, BlaVod’s market strategy expanded beyond its core markets. Efforts were channeled to penetrate emerging markets and diversify its consumer base. Brand collaborations, limited edition releases, and participation in international spirits competitions further solidified its reputation.

As of now, BlaVod remains a proud offering of Distil PLC, continuing its legacy of being a vodka that challenges conventions. It stands as a testament to innovation in the spirits industry, blending age-old distillation methods with contemporary branding, making it a choice for those seeking the extraordinary in the ordinary.


BlaVod Logo
The logo prominently showcases the word “BLAVOD” in striking, bold red letters. The typography employs a mix of uppercase and stylized lowercase letters, with the “a” having a unique, elongated loop design. Positioned directly beneath this brand name, in a slightly smaller and more restrained typeface, is the phrase “THE BLACK VODKA” in classic black, serving as a definitive descriptor of the product’s unique selling point. The overall design conveys a sense of modernity and distinction, emphasizing the brand’s standout feature in the vodka market.

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