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Bing logoBing Logo PNG

The 2016 version of the Bing logo features teal letters and a stylized “b” on the white background. However, the logotype hasn’t looked the same always.

Meaning and history

bing Logo history

The visual identity history of Bing started in 2009, as before the software was known under the names Msn Search and Windows Live Search. Since its rename into Bing, the engine has had four logo redesigns, which finally lead to a corporate icon, showing its affiliation with Microsoft.

2009 — 2013

Bing Logo 2009
The logo, introduced for Bing in 2009, was composed of a friendly rounded wordmark in the lowercase, drawn in bright blue with the yellow dot above the “I”. Its smooth and wide letter-contours made the short word look solid and balanced, while the blue and yellow color palette evoke a sense of reliability and freshness.

2013 — 2016

Bing Logo 2013
The redesign of 2013 brought a new style to the Bing visual identity, and the icon, created in this year, stayed with the engine until 2020. The new logo featured a bold geometric emblem placed on the left from the lowercase logotype in a calm yellow shade. The emblem was a stylized letter “B” with bold straight bars and sharp cuts of the letter-parts.
Though before the official logo was accepted, there was another version — with an arrow-like symbol and the wordmark in the title case.

2016 — 2020

Bing Logo 2016
The yellow color of the Bing logo was switched to calm and intense green, and the first letter of the wordmark got capitalized, which added a professional and solid sense to the whole image, and showed the online search engine as a reliable and confident one. The emblem was also refined, becoming more strict, and the sharp separating triangle was removed from its bottom part.
The new green color of the logo stood for growth and success and made the badge stronger and more serious.
Later, in 2020, there will be another version of the same logo created for Bing, it featured a new light gray and white gradient color palette and a three-dimensional emblem, where the iconic “B” was drawn with a smooth curved line. This logo has never been used.

2020 — Today

Bing logo
The Bing visual identity we all can see today is based on the Microsoft corporate style and boasts a four-colored square and simple gray lettering, consisting of “Microsoft Bing”. The straight square, formed by four smaller ones in red. Green, blue and yellow, today is placed on the logos of all company’s project, which created a wholeness of the brand and makes it stronger.
bing new logo

Symbol in 2013-2016

Bing symbol
In 2013, the company unveiled a concept logo in yellow, with a depiction of a flying boomerang to the left of the lettering. It wasn’t actually used, but in several months a new logo looking somewhat similar to it was adopted. The second 2013 logo was also yellow, but featured a different shade of the color. The initial letter was lowercased, while the boomerang turned into a stylized “b.”


bing emblem
In early 2016, the logo was tweaked once again. The letters, which were teal now, looked almost exactly as in the previous version, except for the “B” – it was capitalized. The stylized “b” to the left of the logo was also slightly modified: the symbol became more elongated, while the white “cut out” piece disappeared.


bing logo font

The script logo features a customized variation of Microsoft’s corporate typeface called Segoe. The choice of the font emphasized that the Bing logo is part of the Microsoft family. The “i” and “n” look the same as in the Windows logo, while the cut on the top of the letter “b” resembles the “t” in the main Microsoft logo.


bing logo color
Since 2009, the emblem has gone through several color palettes. The original blue and yellow color scheme was replaced by the yellow one in 2013.