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Beefeater Gin is a brand of gin owned by Pernod Ricard and bottled and distributed in the United Kingdom, by the company of James Burrough. Beefeater remained in the Burrough’s family control until 1987.

Meaning and history

Beefeater Logo

The Beefeater logo is simple yet very well recognized all over the world due to its strict-lined wordmark and its famous Beefeater red color.
The brand has a strong connection to the city of London and it’s shown in its design. The Beefeater bottle and logo reflects the changing state of London, illustrating the mix of tradition and dynamism found in both the city and the gin.
Except the Beefeater London wordmark there is one more detail on the label – the signature of James Burrough, the brand’s founder. Alongside the words ‘The world’s most awarded gin’.
With its classic red and white color palette, link to London and its historic credentials, The Beefeater is one of the most recognizable beverage brands and logos in the world.