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The history of the Italian brand Piquadro started in 1987. While it was established in Riola di Vergato, its current headquarters are located in Silla di Gaggio Montano. The leather goods brand is known for its business and travel items.

Meaning and history

Piquadro Logo

The Piquadro logo is slightly more diverse than the majority of the logos of fashion and accessories brands. For one, there is color. The design team has chosen a calm, yet mesmerizing shade of blue. On the one hand, it does not seem out of place on business items, from the other, it does not leave an impression of a dull business color.

The type has a unique touch. The glyphs are rounded, and even the horizontal bar of the “A” has been replaced by a curve.

The short yet pretty legible glyphs help to keep the logo compact, which is good for a manufacturer of luggage items.