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Bavaria is the second largest brand of beer in Netherlands (after Heineken). Established in 1719, it’s now a part of Swinkels Family Brewers, a family business, selling such brands as Bavaria, La Trappe and Rodenbach.

Meaning and history

Bavaria logo

The Bavaria logo is very bright and confident. The main brand color is blue, but the color palette of Bavaria also includes white for the wordmark and gold for the logo framing and the icon.

Probably the choice of the color aimed against Bavaria’s main competitor – Heineken, and it’s green.

Along with the wordmark, there is another element of the logo – a compass, pointing South, in a rounded-edge triangle. The compass is apparently a nod to the three Swinkels brothers that founded the brewery. The emblem is bold and consistent and it seems as if a whole custom typeface has been created around it.