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West Coast League, founded in 2005 as the West Coast Collegiate Baseball league, is an American baseball organization for teams from colleges in the USA and Canada. Today the league is composed of 15 members, competing for the title once a year, during the summer season.

Meaning and history

West Coast League Logo history
The history of the West Coast League started in 2005. It’s a collegiate summer baseball league including franchises from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. And by today it has become one of the most reputable providers of professional baseball players to higher-ranked leagues.
WCL was initially called the West Coast Collegiate Baseball League but changed its name to a shorter one in 2008. The league has 15 members from colleges of the west coast states of America, and Canada as well. WCL is divided into three divisions, South, North, and Canada, with five clubs competing in each. The Canadian Division was inactive for the season of 2021.

What is West Coast League?
West Coast League is a collegiate sports association, established in 2005 for baseball teams from American and Canadian colleges to compete for the trophy during summer seasons. The league is considered to be one of the main providers of young players to professional baseball leagues.

In terms of visual identity, West Coast League chose a minimalistic yet progressive approach and an interesting color palette, which makes it stand out on one list of its competitors. The calm gray shade, close to blue, looks professional and elegant, and the thin white outline only elevates these feelings.


West Coast League Logo old
Stylish and intricate, the West Coast League logo doesn’t look like a baseball logo at all. In fact, you can’t even decide from its look whether it’s a sports emblem or not. The logo is formed by the interlacing letters “W” and “C,” the initials of the name of the League. The letters are grey, with a white and grey outline.
When placed on a white background, the outer lines of the badge are very thin and gray, while the white outline prevails, when the badge is drawn on a darker solid background. The color palette of the West Coast League makes the emblem look elegant and distinctive on any uniforms or advertising materials.


West Coast League Logo
The emblem of the West Coast League had a lot of hidden meaning behind it. The “W” fluently transitioned into “C”, with the “L” being written separately. The center of the “W” had a white top, which symbolized the mountains of the West. The “C” had a baseball pattern inside, which needed no explanation, while the horizontal bar of the “L” was wavy, just like the ocean. Underneath this interesting monogram, the logo featured the full name printed in the same dark blue using a bold, sans-serif font and all uppercase letters. The inscription was the same length as the initials, which created a balanced and professional appearance.

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