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Emerging from Barcelona, Baltasar Cars propels the electric automotive field with bespoke sports cars, conceived by visionary Baltasar López. The brand’s flagship, the Baltasar Revolt, combines racetrack agility with road compliance, introduced a decade post-inception in 2021. Emphasizing exclusivity, Baltasar fabricates each Revolt to echo its patron’s desires, commencing at a premium threshold of EUR 230,000.

Meaning and history

Founded in 2011 by Baltasar López, a Spanish Formula Electric racing driver and entrepreneur, Baltasar Cars is a distinctive player in the electric sports car industry. Based in Barcelona, Spain, this innovative company focuses on creating high-performance electric vehicles. A decade-long journey of development culminated in the launch of their first car, the Baltasar Revolt, in 2021. This vehicle, a unique blend of a track car and street-legal sports car, marks Baltasar Cars’ commitment to revolutionizing electric automotive design, emphasizing both performance and environmental sustainability. The company’s strategy involves producing these exclusive cars in limited numbers, tailored to the specific preferences of each client.

What is Baltasar?
Baltasar is an innovative electric sports car manufacturer based in Barcelona, Spain, founded by Baltasar López in 2011. The company specializes in designing and producing high-performance, fully electric vehicles, with a notable model being the Baltasar Revolt, a combination of a track and street-legal sports car, reflecting a blend of speed, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology.


Baltasar Logo

The logo features a stark, modern design with a bold geometric circle divided by a vertical line on the left, symbolizing precision. Adjacent, the word “BALTASAR” is spelled out in an assertive, uppercase sans-serif typeface, conveying a sense of strength and technological sophistication. The logo’s minimalistic aesthetic hints at a blend of tradition and futurism, suggestive of the company’s forward-thinking approach to electric vehicle design.