Ballantine’s Logo

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Ballantine’s, second biggest-selling Scotch whisky brand, was founded in Edinburgh in 1827. Over the years, the brand has expanded globally. It was acquired by Pernod Ricard a decade ago.

Meaning and history

Ballantine's Logo

Rephrasing George Ballantine, the founder “get the blend right and you’ve got the brand right”.

The Ballantine’s logo is an example of a classic wordmark. The text has adopted a condensed and modern typeface, which is Interstate.

The color scheme of the logo is cream and blue. There are also options of white gold logo on a blue background for a more premium finish. The main colors of the brand are Pantone 289C and Pantone 482 C.

Ballantine’s Finest logo

Another important detail of the label is a red circle with a letter B – Ballantine’s signifier. The “B” signifier has been created to look more complete – as a “hallmark” in precious goods. It’s a stylish and elegant icon which the world recognizes as indisputably Ballantine’s.