Gancia Logo

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Gancia Logo
Gancia is an Italian wine-making company, founded in 1850 by Carlo Gancia in Turin, Italy. The company is best known for its Gancia Aperitivo Originale.

Meaning and history

Gancia Logo history

The Gancia logo is a perfect representative of its time. It is the result of last century’s technologic innovations that had such an influence on art.
Gancia’s logo is an example of classic logos, due to its accuracy in terms of weight and shapes. The white-and-gold-framed red pentagon makes the basis of the Gancia logo and the background for a wordmark. The brand name is written in white and gold bold serif and has a central role here.
Gancia Logo
With its classic color scheme – red, white, gold and blue – the Gancia labels look perfectly on the green glass bottles and make it stand out on the shelf.
Gancia is a perfect sample of how a logo turns up to be a clear distinctive of its brand.