Birmingham Bulls Logo

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The hockey team currently based in Pelham, Alabama, is the fifth version of the Birmingham Bulls whose history dates back to 1976. The present franchise was established in 2017 to represent the Southern Professional Hockey League.

Meaning and history

Birmingham Bulls Logo history

When the Bulls unveiled their emblem on the threshold of the 2017-2018 season, fans felt nostalgia. No wonder, the team used the logo of the Birmingham Bulls that played from 1992 to 1998.

A bull is a symbol of strength, so sports teams often incorporate it in their logos. The Birmingham Bulls logo is one of the most unique depictions. It shows a head of a fierce-looking bull set above an old style goalie mask. The bull doesn’t look like a real animal, but it isn’t cartoonish either.

The Wordmark Symbol

Birmingham Bulls symbol

The new team added the wordmark “Birmingham Bulls” to the old Birmingham Bulls logo. It is below the bull emblem. The wordmark is in the uppercase letters. The typeface is sans serif. The letter “U” in “BULLS” stylized to look like a bull’s horns has become a symbol in itself.


The Bulls official colors are represented in the logo in full. The bull is black, the horns are grey, while the bull’s eyes and the hockey mask are white. Everything is outlined in red.