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Callaway Cars is an American company specializing in the engineering and modification of high-performance vehicles. Founded by Reeves Callaway, it gained fame for its turbocharged adaptations of cars, particularly Chevrolet models like the Corvette. Based in Old Lyme, Connecticut, Callaway Cars initially focused on turbocharging systems before expanding into comprehensive car modifications. They are known for enhancing the performance, power, and aesthetics of vehicles, catering to enthusiasts seeking exceptional speed and handling in their automobiles. Their craftsmanship reflects a blend of engineering excellence and innovative automotive design.

Meaning and history

Callaway Cars, established in 1977 by Reeves Callaway, marks a distinctive journey in the automotive world. Beginning in a small Connecticut workshop, Callaway’s initial focus was on turbocharger kits, pioneering in enhancing engine performance. The company gained significant attention with its turbocharged Volkswagen Scirocco, showcasing their engineering prowess. This success led to a partnership with Alfa Romeo, further cementing their reputation. However, it was their work on the Chevrolet Corvette that truly put them on the map. The Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette, introduced in the late 1980s, became a sensation for its remarkable speed and power, receiving an official endorsement from Chevrolet. Over the years, Callaway Cars expanded their expertise, delving into aerodynamic design and advanced materials, creating not just faster cars but also aesthetically refined ones. Their blend of art and engineering continues to redefine the boundaries of high-performance vehicles, maintaining their status as a symbol of automotive innovation and excellence.

What is Callaway?
Callaway Cars is an esteemed American company renowned for transforming mainstream vehicles into high-performance machines, particularly specializing in Chevrolet models like the Corvette. Founded by Reeves Callaway in 1977, the company merges cutting-edge engineering with artistic design to create cars that are not only faster but also visually striking, embodying a unique blend of speed and style.


Callaway Logo

The emblem displays a tri-color design mimicking the aerodynamic profiles of racing automobiles, with red, white, and blue hues. Beneath it, “CALLAWAY” is written in bold, assertive black letters, followed by the slogan “POWERFULLY ENGINEERED AUTOMOBILES”™, reflecting a commitment to dynamic automotive excellence. The colors and shapes collectively suggest speed, precision, and the American spirit of innovation in high-performance car engineering.