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Arlen Ness is a prominent brand in the American motorcycle world. They’ve been around since 70s, and while other brands might be fond of power – Arlen are rather keener on customization, appearance and splendor. The unique shape and design of the bodies are an especially acclaimed element.

Meaning and History

Arlen Ness is a business brought up by an American entrepreneur and motorcycle enthusiast with the same name. There have been many variations of their logo since the 70s, but they all generally boil down to the same letter ‘A’ put into some triangular shape. Furthermore, the brand’s name also features a lot on the promotional material.

1970 – now

Arlen Ness logo

Arlen’s logo has been used in different styles for over 50 years now. The current logo features a black letter ‘A’ (stands for Arlen, naturally). It’s curved as if backwards, and the sticks end in big fang-like shapes in the bottom of the image. The letter is richly outlined in the color of gold.
Behind the letter stands a black oval, which occupies more or less the middle third of the letter’s background. It’s also framed in gold, but there are also two golden wings stretching out of both sides. These have, in reverse, a black outline.
In the end, the entire construction sits in front of a big golden disc with two lines encircling both itself and the golden rim around it. E
Many variations also feature the same letter, but with a shield behind it. Furthermore, there is often a ribbon stuck to the both sides of the shield, featuring the company name.

Emblem and Symbol

Arlen Ness emblem

When it comes to decorating the motorcycles, Arlen brand usually gives them a minimalistic black emblem that comprises of a letter symbol and the outline of a shield just around it. Then, this symbol is typically put in some kind of triangular metal component, but that’s secondary.

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