American Hockey League (AHL) logo

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While the American Hockey League logo has remained virtually unchanged for about half a century, it doesn’t mean that it has always been the same.

American Hockey League logo history

1969 — 1971

American Hockey League Logo 1969

1971 — 1984

American Hockey League Logo 1971

1984 — 1987

American Hockey League Logo 1984

1987 — Today

American Hockey League logo

We can discuss, for instance, the logo used in 1953-1969. Here, you could see a hockey player in red and white with the letters “AHL” on the forefront. It’s worth pointing out that the player’s position looked somewhat awkward, and yet, at the same time, it reflected the dynamic essence of the game and added tension. There was some dimension due to the way the lettering was given, as the “A” seemed smaller and narrower than the “H,” which, in its turn, seemed smaller and narrower than the “L.” There were no more colors apart from the red and white.

logo AHL

The following version of the AHL logo was adopted in 1970. It also featured a hockey player in the middle of the game, yet now in a different position and with the help of a different color palette. Interestingly enough, this time, the player’s position again looks somewhat awkward. The white human figure breaks the roundel logo into two parts, red (top) and dark blue (below).

The emblem is encircled by the lettering “American Hockey League” in dark blue block capitals and “AHL” in red block capitals. The text features a plain sans serif type.