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Coastal Plain League was established in the United States in 1997 as an association of wood-bat baseball clubs. Today the League features 15 teams competing for the main trophy. The intercollegiate league grew pretty fast, getting started from just six teams at the end of the 1990s.

Meaning and history

Even though the Coastal Plain League was established at the end of the 1990s, it takes its roots in the 1940s, in Coastal Plain Class D Minor League Baseball, which was created in 1937 and ceased in 1952.
After more than a forty-year-long break, Coastal Plain League was recreated, and in its first seasons, just six teams were competing for the CPL trophy. Although it didn’t take much time for the league to grow and get confidence, today it already has 15 members.

What is Coastal Plain League?
Coastal Plain League is the name of the American summer baseball league, established at the end of the 1990s as the predecessor of the Class D Minor League Baseball. Today 15 teams are competing in CPL.

As for the visual identity, the Coastal Plain League is fresh and bright, with a minimalistic approach to graphics, yet a cool and memorable color palette, which makes the badge instantly recognizable.

1997 — Today

Coastal Plain League logo

The Coastal Plain League logo, designed at the end of the twentieth century, features a cool white and green badge with a contoured image on it, and a bold arched inscription in blue and gray, set along the upper border.

The centerpiece of the Coastal Plain League badge is a figure of a running pitcher drawn in black lines with a white body. The pitcher is placed on a home plate with a bright green patch, accompanied by solid black rhombuses, and set on a white background of the main badge. The bottom part of the logo features a shape of a triangle pointing down, but with its peak rounded, while the upper part of the badge is arched from the center.
Above the home plate and the arched side of its framing, there’s the “Coastal Plain League” inscription. The text is also arched, to fit the curve of the home plate. The letters look absolutely traditional, with their small and elegant serifs. They are rather bold, but this fact doesn’t damage the overall legibility of the baseball league’s wordmark. The contours of the narrowed letters are softened, and the solidity and stability are gained by the gray outline of each element of the inscription.