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The old Albany Great Danes logo introduced in 1993 featured a capital “A” in gold and purple. The horizontal bar was replaced by a large white stripe with the text “Albany” inside. The text was in purple.

Meaning and history

Albany Great Danes Logo history


1993 – 2003

Albany Great Danes Logo-1993
The logo, designed for Albany Great Danes in 1993, featured a minimalist and bright combination of a stylized yellow and purple letter “A” with the “Albany” wordmark replacing its horizontal bar. The inscription was set in the uppercase of a bold serif typeface, in purple color, and set on a white background between two thick purple horizontal lines. It was a very powerful and eye-catching emblem, with a special and unique character.

2001 – 2008

Albany Great Danes Logo-2001

In 2001, a dog appeared on the emblem. To the left, the lettering “Great Danes” in two lines could be seen. Below it, there was the text “University at Albany.” This line was hardly legible, especially at a smaller size. To begin with, the letters were tiny in comparison with the name of the team. To make things worse, they were given in yellow over the purple background, which made them almost disappear.

2008 – 2019

Albany Great Danes Logo 2008


The current emblem, which was adopted in 2008, has the same structure as the 1993 logo, but the shapes are slightly more refined.

2020 – Today

Albany Great Danes logo


Albany Great Danes

Since at least 1993, the palette of the Albany Great Danes logo has consisted of purple and gold. The Brand and Visual Identity guidelines issued in 2019 recommend the following shades:

  • purple: PMS: 269, Hex: #46166b
  • gold: PMS: 124, Hex: #eeb211.

Albany Great Danes football

Albany Great Danes emblem

The team plays in the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision. In 2013, they competed in the CAA for the first time, after a 14-year tenure in the Northeast Conference.

Albany Great Danes basketball

Albany Great Danes symbol

The team coached by Will Brown plays its home games at SEFCU Arena. One of the latest achievements has been that the team made the CIT in 2016 and 2017.

What are Albany Great Danes?
Albany Great Danes are the name of the athletic program of the University at Albany, which is based in New York, USA. The program’s most famous team is men’s basketball, though there are 16 men’s and women’s teams that form Albany Great Danes, in such disciplines as Baseball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, and many others.

Albany Great Danes Colors

HEX COLOR: #461660;
RGB: (70, 22, 107)
CMYK: (78, 100, 0, 33)

RGB: ( 238, 178, 17)
CMYK: ( 0, 28, 100, 6)