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Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd is a Japan producer of spare parts for automobiles, motorcycles and industrial machinery. The company was founded in 1929 b Sanji Osame, at the outset of the country’s auto industry. Having been vigorously developing since that time, Akebono has become a recognized expert in the sector of auto brakes. The company has today about 9000 employees worldwide and operates in Japan, China, United States, France and the Slovak Republic. Among their customers are such prominent automobile manufacturers as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, etc.

Meaning and history

Akebono logo

The current logo of the company was introduced at the outset of the XXI century. The official explanation of its meaning named it as a conceptualization of the enormousness of the universe and limitless opportunities for the company’s business in its area of expertise. The logo of the company is concise and straightforward, it has only the brand name “AKEBONO” in block letters. The letters of the wordmark are written in a specially designed broken graphics, the style of which resembles Japanese writing. The word is made in deep azure blue tone. It is underlined by a scarlet red stripe. In the beginning, the logo had also the words “BRAKE EXPERTS” written in a much smaller font under the red stripe.

Logo Akebono

The meaning of the word “akebono” is dawn in Japanese. The name was given by Sanji Osame who was inspired by the sight of the breaking dawn over the sea in his native town of Mokakeson in Okayama Prefecture. For the customers, Akebono’s logo means, above all, excellent noise and vibration characteristics for their automobiles, reliable high-speed braking. It is associated with the company’s statement that it is committed to achieving the world’s best performance through innovation, quality control, improvement of process and client service.

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