Craftsman Logo

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Craftsman LogoOne of the most popular brands of tools, lawn and garden equipment, Craftsman has always built its logo around the wordmark and refused of additional imagery.

Meaning and History logo

Craftsman logo history

During its early years, the Craftsman brand used a black ellipse logo with a red border. The name of the company in red and the word “Tools” were placed inside the ellipse.
There was no need for such an explanation in the second logo, which was used from the 1930s to the 1960s. The yellow box contained the word “Craftsman” in red capitals. The same font, with minor modifications, is used on the logo even now. In the 1960s–1970s, a white logotype with red letters and a thick black border was adopted.

Current symbol

Craftsman symbol
Around the same time as the yellow box logo was adopted, the company developed one more version of the emblem, which is still in use. It features white letters in a red rectangle with the black border.

Alternative emblem

Craftsman emblem
Large stick tools and store signs feature an icon with the letter “C” enclosed in a shield.


The bold custom font seen on the Craftsman logo belongs to the sans serif family.