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Aisin trademark belongs to the Japanese company AISIN SEIKI CO., LTD, which is a world leader in the development and manufacture of automatic transmissions and variators. It consists of 11 plants that produce products that meet common stringent composition and quality requirements.

Meaning and history

The history of the brand began with the manufacture of aircraft engines in 1943. At that time, the company was called Tokai Hikoki. This narrow profile of production, the Japanese brand was engaged in for a short time. In 1945, it expanded its range of products by producing car parts and sewing machines. The expansion of the list of products had a positive impact on the company’s economy, allowing it to take a leading position in Japan.

After Shinkawa Kogyo merged with Tokai Hikoki in 1965, the new company was named Aisin Seiki Co. This consolidation was followed by the establishment of an extensive network of representative offices overseas. All this served to popularize the brand among customers. The high quality of products made Aisin a leading supplier of spare parts not only for Japanese, but also for American brands.

Today, the main buyers of automotive components produced by AISIN are almost all world leaders in the automotive industry. On conveyors of automobile giants go automatic transmissions, baskets, release bearings, disks, and other clutch parts produced by Aisin. Aisin has also introduced the production of automatic transmission fluids.

The Aisin brand is also known to customers under the name ASCO. Original spare parts of this manufacturer are easily recognized by the branded packaging, the product itself must have a special sticker. The degree of quality is easily determined visually – the original part has a very high-quality execution of even small parts.

The company is part of the Toyota group, but not directly subordinated to it. It is more correct to consider the manufacturer Aisin dependent on the Japanese corporation, because its share is a significant part of the company’s capital.

The flexible policy of Toyota does not prohibit this brand from supplying spare parts to its competitors and even encourages supply. This approach has a significant positive economic effect.

What is Aisin?
Aisin is a Japanese brand of auto parts. The company supplies transmissions, brake system components, steering components, body parts, navigation systems, sensors, and parking assistance systems for Korean and Japanese automakers. For the aftermarket the company produces: water and oil pumps, clutch and brake system components (cylinders, pads, disks), as well as transmission fluids.

In terms of visual identity, Aisin aims to transmit the main principles and philosophy of the brand through the simple yet elegant logo. The company does not use any graphical elements, and emphasizes the quality of its products only through the custom shapes of the characters.

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Aisin Logo

The Aisin logo is just an uppercase lettering, written in an intense shade of blue on a plain white background. The top part of both letters “I” in the wordmark have elongated sharp ends, curved to the right, in the same direction the whole logotype is slanted to. The lettering is all about motion and inspiration. As the official website of the brand says, “Our corporate logo symbolizes our philosophy: Inspiring “movement”, creating tomorrow.”

Font and color

Aisin Emblem

The italicized uppercase lettering from the primary Aisin logo is set in a custom bold typeface with futuristic shapes of the characters. The small details on the capitals “I”s and the diagonal bar of the “A” is what makes the inscription unique and classy, while the lowercase “N” adds friendliness and the feeling of accessibility.

As for the color palette of the Aisin visual identity, it is based on a deep and smooth shade of blue, which stands for excellence, innovation, and high quality. Along with the white, used for the background, the Aisin blue also signifies trustworthiness and stability.