Pirelli Logo

Pirelli Logo

Pirelli is an Italian brand of tire manufacturing company, which is considered to be one of the most renowned in the world. The company was founded in 1872 and today it operates in more than 160 countries across the globe.

Meaning and history

Pirelli Logo history

The Pirelli logo is iconic. As everything, designed in Italy, it is a work of great taste and style. The brand’s visual identity had undergone dozens of modifications but the legendary logo base was created in 1945 and was only slightly redesigned during the last 70 years.

All the previous Pirelli logo were reflecting the trends of its times, celebrating them in the changing typeface and spacing.

The elongated “P” is a striking element of the Pirelli logo, which represents the elasticity of the rubber, the famous tires made of.

It is modern, stylish and powerful. One of the greatest logos in history with a rich visual heritage.

Pirelli emblem

1888 — 1901

The first Pirelli logo was designed in 1888 and was composed of a circle with a black star inside and the wordmark around its perimeter. The wordmark was “Pirelli & C Milano”, and letters “P”, “C” and “M” were placed inside the circle.

With its fine lines and naive design the first Pirelli logo has nothing in common with the confident mark me all know today.

1901 — 1906

In 1901 the logo became more elegant, the wordmark is now placed in a medallion frame with vignettes, and the tagline “Marca Depositata” is added beyond the frame.

1906 — 1910

Pirelli Logo-1906

The most colorful Pirelli logo was designed. It features a bright blue octagon in a golden laurel framing with white elegant lettering Pirelli&C inside. The letters are beautifully intertwined.

1910 — 1914

The first Pirelli logotype with elongated “P” was created. The typeface is still far from the iconic logo.

1914 — 1916

Pirelli Logo-1914

In 1914 the lettering becomes bolder and more confident, the logo looks stronger and smart balanced than the previous version. The brand is one step closer to the perfect identity.

1916 — 1924

Pirelli Logo-1916

There were a few changes to the Pirelli typeface Durocher this period of time, the word “Pneumatici” was added and then removed. The elongated “P” didn’t change much, all the modification were mainly held with other letters.

The 1930s

Pirelli Logo-1930

In the 1930s the font becomes bolder and thicker, it looks like a complete picture now, though the lines and balancing is not perfect yet, it is almost close to the ideal.

1946 — 1960

Pirelli Logo-1946

Finally, in 1946, the basement for today’s logo was born. The lettering and it’s spacing is perfectly balanced, the typeface is clean and confident. In the same year the brand creates a shield-like emblem, which consists of a geometrical framing, letter “P” on it and a star.

The 1970s

The Pirelli logo was slightly redefined, letter “R” became more powerful and wide, which made the logo look completed now.

The 1990s

The first red and yellow logo appeared in 1997, the typeface looks even stronger in red execution. It is a real icon of the visual identity styling and design.


Pirelli Logo

Today the Pirelli logo is instantly recognizable worldwide, it is a mark of a great quality and design, the legend and a masterpiece of visual identity and creativity.