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Japanese corporations Honda and Sony have created a joint automotive brand – Afeela. Sony Honda Mobility electric cars under the Afeela brand will be produced at one of Honda’s American plants. The Sony concept car is an evolution of the previous Sony Vision S-01 prototype. Honda in this partnership is responsible for the automotive component, while Sony will take care of the entertainment. The car will use Sony’s expertise in artificial intelligence, entertainment, and virtual and augmented reality to deliver a unique experience.

Meaning and history

Afeela Logo history

Afeela was shown a year after the merger of two Japanese companies into the car brand Sony Honda Mobility in 2022. Orders for Sony Afeela vehicles will begin in 2025, with production starting a year later. The first Afeela will be assembled in the US at Honda’s facility in Ohio. The name for the car is derived from the word “to feel”. In order to “feel” everything that happens on the road and in the cabin, the car will have as many as 45 different sensors at its disposal.

2022 – 2023

Afeela Logo 2022

Originally, the logo featured the brand name, Sony Honda Mobility. It is printed in three lines with each word being aligned to the left. The company used a simple sans-serif font, similar to Stevie Sans Medium font. The black color of the inscription gave the logo a more professional and solid look. However, this did not look like a logo for a brand that wanted to bring high-technological solutions and a modern appearance to the automobile world.

2023 – Today

Afeela Logo

This updated version looks stylish and modern and is much more appropriate for a brand that positions itself as a premium-class electric automobile brand. The clean lines and straight cuts with the addition of a diagonal cut create a very stylish and contemporary look. The font used in this logo looks like a customized version of FF Kievit Bold or FreeSet Multilingual Demi with the “L” having its horizontal stroke cut at a diagonal. The dark gray color used for the logo is often associated with technology and looks timeless.