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Absolut is a brand of vodka, produced in Sweden, was first introduced in 1879. Absolut is one of the largest beverage brands in the world. The brand is a part of Pernod Ricard Group (It was acquired in 2008 for €5.6 billion).

Meaning and history

Absolut Logo history

Usually, the word “vodka” is associated with Russia, but if we’re talking about Brands, Swedish Absolut comes to mind as one of the first.

The history of this brand began at the end of the 19th century. The first bottle of Absolut Vodka was released in 1879. Entrepreneur Lars Olsson Smith introduced a new variety of vodka, Absolut rent Branvin, which translates to: “Absolut Vodka.”

Absolut is not only a quality product but also a great marketing concept with a strong emphasis on both visual identity and memorable advertising campaigns.

What is Absolut?
Absolut is the name of one of the most famous vodka brands in the world. It was established in Sweden in 1879, and by today has grown into an iconic brand, offering its high-quality product all over the globe. Absolut has turned vodka into a fancy beverage.

Before 2014

Absolut Logo before 2014
The original Absolut logo used the same wordmark as the post-2014 version. In addition to ‘Absolut’, however, there was also the word ‘Vodka’ written right below it in the same style. Between them, there was a little gap where a black cursive ‘Country of Sweden’ inscription was placed.

2014 – Today

Absolut logo

The blue logo and script text on the bottle have become as iconic as the based on a medicine bottle package itself.

The Absolut logo is a great example of “the less the better”, as some of the best logos ever created in the world are also some of the most minimal.

Absolut Vodka have decided to go down the same route by redesigning their logo for a more minimal look. And removed two lines of the lettering, putting the focus on the most important part on the brand – Absolut, which is executed in bright blue Futura-Condensed-esque serif.

The brand has become so iconic that Absolut no longer needed the full three-line logo to convey themselves.

Absolut logo

The seal on the bottle features a portrait of Lars Olsson Smith, the founder of Absolut who pioneered the continuous distillation process. A bold image which depicts Lars Olsson Smith at the height of his success.

Absolut Logo

The word Absolut not only means the perfect, the complete, and the ultimate, but it also means the open-ended, infinite and indefinite.

Font and Color

The massive and stable uppercase lettering from the primary Absolut badge is set in a custom serif typeface, based on a heavy geometric sans-serif font with thin sharp serifs added to the extra-thick lines of the characters. The closest fonts to the one, used in the Absolut insignia, are, probably, Nuno Condensed Black and Prenton RP UltraCond Black, but with delicate serifs.

As for the color palette of the Absolut visual identity, it is based on a deep and calm shade of blue, which evokes a sense of cold and freshness, looks pure and clean, and shows the main qualities of the drink, which can be found in the branded Absolut bottle.